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Strike Force Kitty

[Total: 37    Average: 4.4/5]
Strike Force Kitty is a funny online action game full of surprises, which can make you very addicted. The main goal of the game is to build a powerful army of kittens and send them into the battle to save princess Kitty who have been captured. This is a rescue mission and you are the biggest hero. First of all you need to collect lots of fishes in order to get into next level. You also need to fight your biggest enemies, evil foxes, which are attacking all the time. You need to dress up your kittens in order to improve the strenght of your army. It also improves their health and speed. You are using costumes and weapones that you are able to find along the way, while you are killing your enemies. There are a lot of jumping in Strike Force Kitty game, and you need to run most of the time as you try to avoid all difficulties which stand on your way. You also meet healers along your way. At the beginning they are not very important, but if you want your team to go further and save the princess, these healers are becoming more important to you.There are four levels, which are four unique separated worlds, in game Strike Force Kitty. The levels are long and it takes a lot of time for you to gather enough equipment to even pass the first one. Winning an entire outfit from the boss, requires mulitple battles. There are eighty different costume sets and you need to gather most of them. It makes around 200 parts to collect. In order to get super powers, you need to collect full sets of costumes. You can choose between being a 'Monk', 'Night', 'Warrior Lady', a 'Great Vampire' or many more. Costumes make this game very interesting, attractive for both male and female players. Most of the reviews about the game are possitive so you can completly enjoy this game for free at our website.

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